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DANIEL NOLAND DESIGN [Landscape Designer]

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Daniel Nolan's gardens could be described as both expressive and refined, combining lush plantings with minimalist hardscapes, they transport the visitor into another world where local climate and geography fade away. Daniel's love of nature began at a young age, growing up amongst the scenic beauty and famous gardens of Pennsylvania's Brandywine Valley, but it was in California where he was given the freedom to experiment with the unusual plants that thrive there. He credits his almost 10 years at the famed Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco as his masterclass in plant identification and selection, allowing him the opportunity to work with talented architects, designers and clients.

Daniel Nolan defies climate challenges to create lush havens that are no mirage.


His work now appears in some of the Bay Area's most beautiful homes and properties, as well as in print and is the source of inspiration for his 2018 book with Rizzoli publishing, Dry Gardens: High Style for Low Water Gardens.


Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Monocle, Sunset Magazine, T Magazine: New York Times, Traditional Home, The SF Chronicle, Vogue



📷 © All photography by Caitlin Atkinson

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